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New Zealand


We are a European company expanding to the New Zealand market.

We are bringing The Next generation foot massager to New Zealand to support well–being in New Zealand’s growing communities.

We believe that people will benefit from our product and be amazed by its capabilities.

The first presentation of this product to the public was in 2014.


  • To deliver a product which helps improve overall health
  • Helping New Zealand society by contributing to Starship hospital from each sold item
  • Acknowledging and abiding by New Zealand safety standards
  • To provide local businesses with display and presentation options
  • Developing outstanding design and fashionable colours
  • Choice of different mode functions
  • An opportunity to lease our foot massage machines
  • Lease to buy option
  • Free shipping New Zealand wide


Did you ever think how much money you spend on your well–being? The answer is probably not much …or maybe too much. We all have our own reasons behind the answer. Most of the time we think………. It is too expensive, too much hassle to make appointments and go somewhere for treatment once in a while…

To have your very own personnel massager at home or in your place of work makes things much easier and cheaper in the long run.

The fact is, having a massage machine at home or at work gives you the opportunity to unwind and relax in the comfort of your own space, anytime you want, without any travelling and lost time.


Instead of having a one off treatment, you can lease Oliver´s foot massager and have foot massage all day long.

Leasing option has many advantages.

You can trial the massager to see weather our product is what you are looking for and if it will suit your needs.

All members of your family or work colleagues can have a go and test it.

We will bring it to your home or business and will give a full demonstration of all functions etc.

We will supply you with the promotional material and accessories.

We can assist you with the set up at your home or work place so everyone can enjoy it and have fun.

Contact us for more details & price list.


If you lease our massager and then buy, your purchase will be discounted for the amount you have spent on lease.
Contact us for more details.


It is a brilliant gift idea. You can buy Oliver´s foot massager for yourself, for your family and friends or for your staff at work and have foot massage everyday of the year.